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Bedford Woburn
97229 Russell Woburn
WOB 33 Woburn

Tamar grew a phenomenal head to become the current SCI World No 1 with an outstanding score SCI 589. His head was panel scored in the States and he is now the new SCI World No 1. An extraordinary achievement.


AgeLive WeightVelvetHard AntlerInchesCICDBV
2180kg 8.3kg - 24 points297  
3  12.35kg HH - 25 points360  
4  16.35kg HA green - 33 points463  
5  Damaged   
6  21.5kg skull on589  

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Tamar has an awesome pedigree. His grandsire on his dams side - Russell was a fabulous 42 pointer @ 8 yrs old with 14.50kg HA. His sire Bedford has a liveweight of 267kg and a HA weight of 15.75 @ 6yr. Tamar DG ancestry on both sides is multipointed with heavy HA antler weights. Tamar DG 2yr head was multipointed and heavy - 24 points, 12 x 12, with HA weight of 8.30kg.
If you are looking to introduce fresh Woburn genetics have a good look at Tamar. He can provide your herd with excellent velvet production genetics as well as trophy genetics. Tamar has a thick beam, good tyne placements with multi-pointed tops.
2002 - Second Hard Antler 2yr olds - South Canterbury/North Otago Velvet Competitions - Tadmore DG was the winner of this section.
2002 buttons cast 26 September 2002. When Tamar DG was scored at the end of January he had not stripped. He has jumped an exceptional 60 SCI points on last year, a phenomenal result. Large 10.6"coronets, with a beam measurement of 8"and 10" - very very heavy. A spectacular HH weight of 12.35kgs. Don reckons he would have cut 8kgs of velvet @ 60days. A very settled and cruisy sire stag.
2003 buttons cast 30 August. Amazing SCI score - 463 SCI @ 4yrs ! ! Tamar has grown 100 inches on his last years head - absolutely phenomenal growth. Huge coronets 11 inches, thick beam and multi pointed tops. A magnificent Sire Stag, and hes only 4. Will grow a lot more before he reaches his peak.
2004 cast 27 August. His head is damaged this year. A 2yr son of Tamar sold for the highest sale price 2005.
His progeny are standing out in some Australian studs, and one 2yr son featured on the cover of the Australian Deer Farmer magazine.
Breeding For Selling
Master Sire No AHB Tag 99102 - Deceased
Species Red Deer Date Born 1/12/1999
Breed Woburn DBVs
Bred By Heritability
Owned By Deer Genetics NZ DNA