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Shown at 8 years at Bushey Park (Deceased) A truly exceptional stag whose antler weight at 16.75kg was exceeded only by his son Hotspur up to 2003 . He came second in the 1997 National Velvet Competition in the 3 year old section at 5.08kg.


AgeLive WeightVelvetHard AntlerInchesCICDBV
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His 2 year son Tamar sold to Deer Genetics from the 2002 sale at $60,000 and 8.8kg full antler was a super stag that is now the new world record SCI trophy.

In 2003, Lot 3 by Bedford had 9.15 full antler 21 points and fetched $64,000. This is another unique sire in the making.

Bedford is a grand foundation sire for the New Zealand Woburn herd farmed at Bushey on behalf of Woburn.

His passing makes Bedford genetics highly prized and very hard to get. Fortunately in 2006 we have been able to add a new star by Bedford, Lord Henry.
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Master Sire Yes AHB Tag
Species Red Deer Date Born -
Breed Woburn DBVs
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