CRWsd19 Lot 1 16 605
taken last week
taken last week
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Rockafella CRW Lincoln ROK Hansen
Y 22 ROK
08 817 CRW Salvador
05 503 TOW
1004 CRW Coco Cobana
07 706 CRW Amadeus
05 509 Stella

Tag No. 16 605 Age. 3yr Stag 191kg This stag could be a game changer for producing offspring with the most important criteria the trophy industry demands – width!


AgeLive WeightVelvetHard AntlerInchesCICDBV
No records to display.

No records to display.

He looks to be wider than Rockafella at the same age and he is a half-brother to lot 1 from last
year that made $155,000. This is also the dam line that’s given us Jefferson, Roman, Vegas and 14 403 $50,000.
6 mths 81 kg
12 mths 131 kg
24 mths 191 kg
Breeding For Selling
3 Yr Stags
Master Sire No AHB Tag 16 605
Species Red Deer Date Born -
Breed Composite DBVs
Bred By Crowley Deer Heritability
Owned By DNA