TOWsd16 Lot 12 13 3039
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Embryo Brother Lot 5
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Leon ROK Chancellor Peel Jamieson
504 ROK Achilles SAR
Pink 52
00 81 TOW Moccona Awesome
05 504 TOW Achilles SAR
03 3007 TOW Pepper

Lot 12 R3yr Stag 13 3039 Stag 13 3039 is an embryo brother to 13 3004 also in this catalogue. He is a dark pointed stag with two strong birds beak brows, very long bez and trez tynes, after which the shaft thickens to a highly populated royal trumpet about to split.

Embryo Brother Lot 5


AgeLive WeightVelvetHard AntlerInchesCICDBV
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The breed plan here was to put the busy
Leon head over a long clean tyne and beam Moccona daughter,
hopefully meeting half way
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