Rigby - Mt Cecil
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Leon ROK Chancellor Peel Jamieson
504 ROK Achilles SAR
Pink 52
00 81 TOW Moccona Awesome
05 504 TOW Achilles SAR
03 3007 TOW Pepper

Rigby 3yr son of Leon. Owned by Mt Cecil. Rigby was the highest priced stag sold at auction this past selling season at $138,000.Rigby was the National HA champion at the Rising Stars competition this year.


AgeLive WeightVelvetHard AntlerInchesCICDBV
3   600 2/8 IOA  
4   706 IOA  
6   860 IOA  

He is a
son of Leon the highest scoring stag in the industry by a
country mile. Leon has good length brow, bez and trez
tynes and totals 57 points.

Sales notes
13 3004’s head is very similar in design to his sire Leon
with good length brow (one birds beak) bez and trez tynes then onto rows of royals not yet
formed. It is obvious 13 3004 is going to have a very high scoring antler head, being by the
highest scoring red stag in the world,13 3004 is off to a good start
Breeding For Selling
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