ATVs21 Lot 4 17-017
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Lot 4 3Y Stag 17-017 7.00kg and 205kg 17-17 has beam of 22 and 21cm and above trezs 20 and 22cm Note: We retain the right to collect 10 straws of semen off 17-17 - Lot 4 .

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AgeLive WeightVelvetHard AntlerInchesCICDBV
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63-14 by ET has only had
the one son and we sold a yearling daughter 216-16 in 2018 for $5,800. 211-12 was used
as a donor hind in 2014 and we sold one daughter 10-16 in 2018 sale for $3,500. 4-10 also
used as a donor hind at 15 mth but died after ET. We sold a son lot 13 in 2016 sale for
$17,000. 152-01 is a top hind and in pedigreees of 3 sires we have used.
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