@ 5Y  9:84Kgs
@ 5Y 9:84Kgs
10:65kgs @ 6Y Everest son 53-07 6.2kg @ 2yr Everest son 77-07 8.2kg SA @ 4yr No image to display
10:65kgs @ 6Y Everest son 53-07 6 Everest son 77-07 8
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Remington Ex Bob Swann
316R Swan
325G Swan 320Y Swan
316R Swan

Everest breeds very heavy tidy velvet that is proven by breeding a 2yr, and two 3yr old National Velvet champions, plus two 2nd and one 3rd place.


AgeLive WeightVelvetHard AntlerInchesCICDBV
3 7.6 kgs    
5 9.84 kgs    
6 10.65 kgs SA    
9 12.25 kgs    

5National Velvet & Hard Antler Competition 20095 year4th
6National Velvet & Hard Antler Competition 2010Open Red5th

Purchased for $50,000 with Brock Deer.
From his 1st drop in 2007 Everest had 17 stag fawns:
9 sold as 2yr velvet stags 1 sold as 2yr sire stags 7 kept to 3yr sale
Top Velvet Sire.12.25 kgs SA @ 9yrs
Breeding very correct velvet.
Everest Sons from first mating:
ALT 53-07 6.2kg SA @2yr Sold $17,000 Tower farms 2yr Champion Won North Island 3yr ZaCoZee
ALT 61-07 6.0kg SA @ 3yr Sold $10,500
ALT 76-07 6.6kg SA @ 3yr Sold $10,500
ALT 59-07 5.9kg SA @ 3yr Sold $6500
ALT 77-07 7.46kg SA Retained in stud 8.24kg 4yr 2nd place Nationals
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Master Sire Yes AHB Tag 341-04
Species Red Deer Date Born -
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Owned By Altrive Deer/ Brock Deer DNA