ATVs21 Lot 2 17-167
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Southern Man ATV 12-105 Everest Remington
325G Swan
07-121 ATV Argus
98-122 ATV
14-077 ATV Harlem NTD Buller
260/03 NTD
184-12 ATV Zama
152-01 ATV

Lot 2 3Y Stag - 8.40 kg 167-17 beam measurements 22 and 21cm and 25 and 23cm above trezs.LW 232kg.

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AgeLive WeightVelvetHard AntlerInchesCICDBV
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He is an ET
brother to 144-17 in catalogue. Dam 77-14 ET sister to sire 34-14 and their ET sister
82-14 has two sons in the sale and we are retaining two others to use in the stud.
184-12 dam of sire 34-14 by ET and same year by natural mating she produced. 177-14 by Everest that we used as a 2yr old and sold lot 1 2018
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