ARWs21 Lot 1 YG 39
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Sefton ARW K2 Everest
287/02 Altrive
AR 201/08 Buller
657/04 GG
AR 305/12 Ulysses Buller
05256 LDD
AR 21/09 Claudius
GG 249/06

Lot 1 2 Y Stag 5.10 KS SA2 LW 182kg TAG: Yellow-Green 39. This is a beautiful head of velvet, well balanced with good length between tynes and still has round tops. Big and quiet. With his background a top sire in the making.

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AgeLive WeightVelvetHard AntlerInchesCICDBV
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Beam L Side 20.5, 20.5cm
R Side 21, 20cm
Weaned Weight: 13/03/19 54 kg
12 Month Weight: 09/12/19 122 kg
12 Month Weight EBV: 6.08 kg
2 Year Velvet Weight: 5.10 kg SA
2 Year Velvet EBV: 1.87 kg
Breeding For Selling
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