Stag Profile List for Arawata Pure Reds
Southern Man ATV 12-105 Southern Man ATV 12-105 ARWs21 Lot 23 SEMEN- 5 Straws ONLY. January 14th 2022 @ 12.30. Arawata purshased a 3rd share in this amazing stag along with Altrive & Raincliff Station at Altrive's Stag sale January 2016. At 4yrs he cut a well balanced 9.0 kg Southern Man ATV 12-105
Kudos ARW Kudos ARW KUDOS: We reattained this stag as a sire. With his huge 2 year velvet weight of 5.75kg SA at 2 years, he will be a useful addition. At 6 years he cut a well balanced 9.7kg SA head of velvet. Kudos ARW
Joseph  (lot 4 TOWs4) Joseph (lot 4 TOWs4) Owned by Brock Deer & Greg Oliver. Joseph was the 2016 Peoples Choice, NZ Open Red winner and Reserve Champion with 14kg @ 6 yrs of near perfect velvet. Joseph  (lot 4 TOWs4)
Claudius Claudius CLAUDIUS— our sire at Arawata, Claudius has a multi-pointed tops and scale and looks very similar to his sire, Aragorn. Claudius was sold as a trophy in January 2015 scoring 527 IOA. Claudius
K2 K2 K2—We purchased K2 from G. Elder. His 3 year old head is very even and was placed 7th in theNational Velvet Competition. K2 has been a very useful addition to our stud, with the huge velvetweight of Everest over proven Arawata/Altrive blood lines. K2
Half Share ARW/ATV 11-225NTD Half Share ARW/ATV 11-225NTD Half Share: Owned in partnership with Geoff Elder (Altrive Deer). He was purchased from Netherdale 2015. He was the sales top stag with an exceptional strong 3 yr head with correct tyne placement. He cut a 9.0 kg head at 4 years, which was placed fourth in the National Velvet Competition 4 year Red Class. He cut 12 kgs @ 5 and unfortunatly died that year. Half Share ARW/ATV 11-225NTD
Ulysses Ulysses Ulysses was purchased from M Dempsey 2012. He has a very tidy and thick head of velvet for a two‑year-old. What a background he has with Buller and Austin. He went on to cut 9.3kg SA velvet @ 4.His 25 2yr sons last year averaged 4.0kg velvet. Ulysses
Victrix ARW Victrix ARW Purchased from Altrive Red Deer. At 4 years his head was grown out and measured 478 1/2 I.O.A. A huge & great natured sire, with a very correct style of antler. Victrix ARW
Icon Icon An outstanding son of Neskey. He is the complete multi purpose sire, massive, wide, heavy antler, outstanding temperament, huge size and growth rates. His 12 mth EBV was +15.7kg. His progeny are all super quiet. Icon
Van Gogh Van Gogh Van Gogh is in a class by himself for velvet/antler production. Exceptionally heavy-beamed, black, correct velvet with massive tops. 2nd in 4yr class 2003 and 1st in 5yr class 2004 National Velvet Competition and first Open Section 2007 Nat. Vel. Comp. Grown out his tops are very powerful. Van Gogh
Manhattan Manhattan We purchased this huge son of Harlem from Netherdale Stud last year. He has a great temperament and went on to cut 8.0 kg SA this year as a 4 year old. Unfortunately he had to be put down due to a shoulder injury. He still cut 8kg despite this and the extra bey tyne is probably due to the injury. Manhattan
Yogi ARW Yogi ARW This huge son of Awesome was retained last year. He is half owned with Love Deer. He was 220kg in Jan 2013 as a 2yr old and grew a very thick head. Last year as a 3 yr old he grew a very symmetrical 5.80kg SA head of velvet. This year as a 5 year old he has been grown out. Yogi ARW
Y-G 25/10 ARW Y-G 25/10 ARW YoGi – This huge son of Awesome was retained last year. He is half owned with Love Red Deer. He was 220kg in Jan 2013 as a 2yr old and grew a very thick head. This year as a 3 yr old he grew a very symmetrical 5.80kg SA head of velvet. Y-G 25/10 ARW
Lotto Lotto First 2-year-old stag to cut 4.45kg A grade velvet. Then went on to cut record (in his time) velvet weights at 3, 4, 5 and 6-year-old. Placed third in the Red Section, National Velvet Competition 1998. At 12-year-old, still cut 9.50kg and his velvet was in the winning Southland team at the 2004 National 2-year-old Velvet Competition (deceased). Lotto
Magnum Magnum Magnum had magnificent, very heavy velvet. Many of his sons have grown out "supreme" - they have huge, thick, dark velvet. (Deceased) 9.23kg SA2 @ 6yr 10.1kg SA2 314kg LW Magnum
Brutus II Brutus II As a 2 year old Brutus II weighed 200kg and cut 3.30kg A2S velvet. A very big, quiet stag. Third in Southland Section, National Velvet Competition. Brutus II – sire of Cassius Brutus II
Titan Titan Titan has heavy correct velvet – strong, long lower tynes. A very big stag. He was placed third in Red Open Section National Velvet Competition 2005. Titan
The Phantom The Phantom The Phantom is showing a lot of promise, with great growth rates in his progeny plus velvet and trophy combination with Motsumi and Buccaneer in his pedigree. The Phantom
Aswan Aswan Aswan had a 2yr head with good tyne placement and powerful tops he is a big bodied Stag. He cut a very tidy and clean 6.50kg SAP head of velvet as a four-year-old. Aswan
Thor Thor Thor was a very good natured son of Hermes, tragically he died after one season's mating. We are now using his genes via AI. His first crop of 2yr old sons had outstanding antlers with good multi pointed tops. Thor
Swazi AR 00-386 Swazi AR 00-386 Purchased for $30,000 with Brock Deer and E Tayles Swazi's complete drop of 2 yr sons had an average weight of 3.51kg in 2007 and 3.72kg in 2008 Swazi AR 00-386
Cassius Cassius CASSIUS – 4.30kg SA2 velvet and 204kg at 2 yr old! Great temperament. Top growth rates. Cassius was fourth in Open Red Class at the National Velvet Competition 2005. His progeny are like him—big and quiet. Cassius
AR 215/09 Spiker AR 215/09 Spiker Hannibal / William / Marco Weaned at 72 kgs and 12 month weight 133 kgs AR 215/09 Spiker
AR 238/09 Spiker AR 238/09 Spiker Austin Son from a Goldie / Brutus II hind. Wean Weight 61kg 12 Month Weight 121kg. AR 238/09 Spiker
YW 87 AR YW 87 AR Was used as a spiker by Arawata and he has left some fine son’s this year as two-year-olds. He was purchased as a two-year-old by Tony McAra, Springhills, Southland and his velvet weights have risen sharply during the past couple of years. This year he cut 7.75kg SA as a four‑year-old. YW 87 AR
DJ DJ DJ was a promising young stag at 5 years cutting a massive head of 7.30kg SA velvet with very thick beam and tops. DJ
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