Origin CRW
546 IOA @ 3
546 IOA @ 3
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Robbie LDD Banks SAR Horsham
Y005 ROA
Y 01-440 Jamieson
Y 96-169
FOV 8152/08 Prince Phillips full sister Mountbatten Duncan
700 SBP
PDS 18/01 Lewis
PDS 68/96

Origin has been used predominately to cross with Lincoln daughters. He has long clean bottom tynes and mega long clean royals which are very appealing traits we hope he will pass on. Crossed with Lincoln’s extreme width, you can envisage the design I would like the resulting male offspring to produce.


AgeLive WeightVelvetHard AntlerInchesCICDBV
1  60 pts   
2   409 IOA  
3   546 IOA  
4   581 IOA  
5   678 IOA  

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Origin's pedigree is a who's who of top English genetics. His Sire Robbie $70,000 was top priced sire sold in 2012. grand sire Banks sold for $142,002 and Mountbattern for $95,000. His dam is also out of a full sister to former World No 1 prince Phillip 662 IOA.
Breeding For Selling
3 Yr Stags
Master Sire No AHB Tag
Species Red Deer Date Born -
Breed Composite DBVs
Bred By Littledale Deer Park Heritability
Owned By Crowley Deer DNA