Claymore FRF
9+kgs @4 yrs
9+kgs @4 yrs
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08-15 NTD Commander Peel Chancellor Peel
Y05-242 SAR Major Peel
Y 02-530
08 009 NTD Milestone Maximus
02 299 NTD Maximus
96 037 NTD

Netherdale sire purchased Jan 2016. Breeding 08-15- Milestone - Maximus. Cut 6.6 kg SAP @ 3 yr, went onto to cut 9.2 kg @ 4 yrs (cut early). Cant wait to see how this brute breeds on!!


AgeLive WeightVelvetHard AntlerInchesCICDBV
3 6.6kg SAP    
4 9.2kg SA    

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Sale Notes from Netherdale At 3 yrs old. Very tidy, dark velvet as
a 2yr old. Very good pedigree with
excellent velvet genetics. 3yr old velvet
not cut at time of printing but looks
exceptional. Very tidy with very good
trez and tops.
Very nice velvet!
Performance Data:
Body Weight Breeding Values
Weaning: 52 kg MVW +1.94 kg
14 month 113 kg W12 - 3.87 kg
22 month 156 kg Velvet Weights
2 yr 4.30 kg SA2
Breeding For Selling
3 Yr Stags
Master Sire No AHB Tag 98/12
Species Red Deer Date Born -
Breed Composite DBVs
Bred By Netherdale Heritability
Owned By Forest Road Farm DNA