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Cruser 882 Mighty II ex B Swan
1310 TC Clive (TC)
997 WP
W923 STW T42 Adonis Son Adonis
Y717 STW Otuiti Lodge
Otuiti Lodge

A new home and a new name. This stag was formerley Neil and Carol Stewart's Reuben. We liked him so much we brought him as our new Velvet Sire.


AgeLive WeightVelvetHard AntlerInchesCICDBV
2 5 kgs one side knuckkled    
3 5.5 kgs    
4  Grown Out   
6 9.2 kgs SAP    
7 9.5 kgs SAP    
8 9.6 kgs SAP    
9 11.32 kgs    
10  Grown out   
11  Retired   

62007 National Velvet CompetitionNational Open2nd
62007 NI Velvet CompetitionChampion of Champions1st
62007 NI Velvet CompetitionNI Open1st

Neil has a high pass on rate of his own velvet attributes in his sons, of perfect tyne placement, round beam and spread. 2013 has seen extra ordinary leaps in velvet production of up to 3kgs extra yield as his sons in the velvet herd mature.
Breeding For Selling
Mixed Age Hinds
Master Sire Yes AHB Tag W 109
Species Red Deer Date Born -
Breed Composite DBVs
Bred By Neil and Carol Stewart Heritability
Owned By Tower Farms DNA