Sale Lots for Arawata 30th Annual Stag & Hind Sale
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ARWs21 Lot  1 YG 39 ARWs21 Lot 1 YG 39 Lot 1 2 Y Stag 5.10 KS SA2 LW 182kg TAG: Yellow-Green 39. This is a beautiful head of velvet, well balanced with good length between tynes and still has round tops. Big and quiet. With his background a top sire in the making. ARWs21 Lot  1 YG 39
ARWs21 Lot  2 YG 34 ARWs21 Lot 2 YG 34 Lot 2 2 Y Stag 5.0 kg SA2 LW 178KG TAG: Yellow-Green 34 A lovely head of velvet on this stag. It is clean and symmetrical. His Dam bred a 5.70 kg 2yr son by Joseph last year. Great temperament in this halfshare son. ARWs21 Lot  2 YG 34
ARWs21 Lot  3 YG 199 ARWs21 Lot 3 YG 199 Lot 3 2 Y Stag 5.25kg SA2. LW 183 kg TAG: Yellow-Green 199 This Apollo son stands out and just does his own thing in the paddock. A very nice head of velvet growing on him. A very big and quiet stag. ARWs21 Lot  3 YG 199
ARWs21 Lot  4 YG 153 ARWs21 Lot 4 YG 153 Lot 4 2Y Stag 5.3 SA2 LW 180 kg TAG: Yellow-Green 153 This is a very thick head of velvet as the photo shows. Good diverse background with sires like Everest, Zama, Cassius there. Nice and quiet in Pen. ARWs21 Lot  4 YG 153
ARWs21 Lot  5 YG 169 ARWs21 Lot 5 YG 169 Lot 5 2 Y Stag 2.5 kg (right side damaged in paddock) LW 173kg TAG: Yellow-Green 169 A thick head of dark velvet on this Southern Man son. Unfortunately he damaged one side in paddock early in growth which has caused it to grow differently above trez. ARWs21 Lot  5 YG 169
Southern Man ATV 12-105 Southern Man ATV 12-105 ARWs21 Lot 20 SEMEN- 5 Straws ONLY. January 14th 2021 @ 12.30. Arawata purshased a 3rd share in this amazing stag along with Altrive & Raincliff Station at Altrive's Stag sale January 2016. At 4yrs he cut a well balanced 9.0 kg Southern Man ATV 12-105
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