Sale Lots for Tower Farms 35th Stag & Hind Sale
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TOWsd23 Lot 1A 20 196 TOWsd23 Lot 1A 20 196 NEW ADDITION TO CATALOGUE Lot 1A R3yr Stag 20 196. 20 196 has a ‘V’ shaped antler head, the illusion of width is increasing with drop tynes developing off the outer circle of an intense cluster of royal points equally either side. Dark pointed coat like Leon 929 SCI. TOWsd23 Lot 1A 20 196
TOWsd23 Lot 8A TOWsd23 Lot 8A Lot 8A - ADDITIONAL TO CATALOGUE R3yr Stag 20 170. 20 170 has a very heavy tyned and beamed head. He has very strong trezs 3 x 2. Round heavy black beam to good length royals …. plenty of them. TOWsd23 Lot 8A
TOWsd23 Lot 1 20 156 TOWsd23 Lot 1 20 156 Lot 1 R3yr Stag 20 156 Stag 20 156 has a humongous mass of tynes, branches and points, in greater numbers on the right hand side compared to the left hand side. SEE VIDEO IN PADDOCK _ LINK BELOW TOWsd23 Lot 1 20 156
TOWsd23 lot 3 20 206 TOWsd23 lot 3 20 206 Lot 3 R3yr Stag 20 206 20 206 is out of first fawning dam 18 8087. Comments are med brows, strong and long bezs , right hand side trez long splitting at end, with large splitting dropper off it. Left hand side double good trez, one plain dropper onto a mass of heavy royal points. TOWsd23 lot 3 20 206
TOWsd23 Lot 4 20 155 TOWsd23 Lot 4 20 155 Lot 4 R3yr Stag 20 155 Stag 20 155 is the second offspring from dam 16 636, who is now owned by Neville Hamilton. Comments for 20 155 are, symmetrical upturning brow and bez, two snags, small dropper off right hand side trez, attractive round beam to large broccoli royal crown, not yet burst. TOWsd23 Lot 4 20 155
TOWsd23 Lot 5 20 182 TOWsd23 Lot 5 20 182 Lot 5 R3yr Stag 20 182 Stag 20 182s head at this stage shows two straight brows, very long turning in bez’s, heavy beam to heavy tri splitting trez’s with plain droppers off each. Two rows of royal branches about to burst. We have two daughters by Dallas and Trump, retained TOWsd23 Lot 5 20 182
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