TOWh21 Lot 45 12 2046
Totara @ 3 Y
Totara @ 3 Y
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Kinzett 08 136 Balmoral Mountbatten
Blue 49
Buller Daughter Buller
Echo Park Hind
05 5011 TOW X Factor Pacquin
03 3014TOW King
98 844 TOW

Lot 45 8yr Hind 12 2046 High chance her next fawn will be a boy by Totara, National 3 and 5yr champion and sire of last years 3yr champion and Corona, second in the 4yr Nationals 2020

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VIF to Totara

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Six out of seven fawns from 12 2046 have been stags. Her first sold Dec
18 Lot 2 $12,500 7.25kg at 3yrs, her second died early, her third is in the
velvet mob and the remaining rising 1, 2 and 3yr olds are coming through
the system.
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