SARwsd20 Lot 2 W 17-11
Taken 3 dec 2020
Taken 3 dec 2020
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F40 Churchill Woburn
Y 12-173 SARW Troy WDM Harvey
151 WDM
654 (full sister Victor) Aztec
900 full sister to Kane

Lot 2 W 17-11 3Yr Woburn Stag Lot 2 - W 17-11 DNA: 2166764 Comments: Not quite at velveting stage when catalogued but I believe he will grow on to be one of the top stags in the sale. Solid black velvet, very heavy with big tops to come. Another quiet stag.

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Incredible pedigree here, both
Troy and F40 Churchill are stags I rate highly.
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