FRFsd20 Lot 2 7065/17
3Y Stag 7,15 kg SA
3Y Stag 7,15 kg SA
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Dirty Harry FRF Quinlan Dick
Bucanneer / Ramasses
Forest Road Farm Hind
Forest Road Farm Hind

LOT 2 – 7065 7065 was my favourite stag as a 2 yr old! He is a lovely quiet stag with a beautiful velvet head. He cut 5.4 kg @ 2yr and was used as a sire for our yearling hinds. 196 kgs Liveweight

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Stag Live weights

AgeLive WeightVelvetHard AntlerInchesCICDBV
2 5.4 kgs    
3 7.15 kg SA    

We have tried to obtain a DNA match for
his Dam but have come up short. Genomes have informed us that we have three hinds on farm that we
need new samples for, which we will do at fawn marking in January. His sire Dirty Harry was used as
a back up stag and got one pregnancy and this is the result. Awesome stag!
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