FRFsd19 Lot 2a 6267
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Even-Stevens FRF Harlem NTD Buller
260/03 NTD
113/08 NTD Hotere
1358 NTD
71/10 FRF Aros FRF Heath
P 99-20
Forest Road Farm Hind

Lot 2A Supplementary - Star Lot - There is a reason that this stag wasn’t catalogued. It is not because he is later in the velvet, but the fact that we rate him so highly. 6267 is a full brother to Lot 9 5281 last year (that was also my favourite) 3yr Velvet 6.7 kg SA 181 kg


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He sold to Nat Holmes. 5281 went on to cut 8.9 kg @ 4yr from his 6kg 3yr head. His Dam 71/10 is an Aros daughter that is dropping stunning progeny and will likely be part of a small ET programme this coming season. This stag has a leg rope on it, as we will happily use as a sire here, but thought we would put him up.
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