Altrive Red Deer 11th on farm Deer Sale
Lot 1 206-20
Lot 1 206-20
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Altrive Red Deer 13th on-farm DEER SALE and ONLINE with BIDR Thursday 11th January 2024 5.30pm

Geoff Elder
Altrive Red Deer 11th on farm Deer Sale
Altrive Red Deer
25 Waipounamu Rd
Ph: 03 202 5809

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Species Breeds Breeding For Selling Agents  
Red Deer
English Cross
2 Yr Stags
3 Yr Stags
Trophy Stags
Velvet Stags
Yearling Hinds
PGG Wrightson

Postal Address Contacts
R D 6 Gore Southland 9776 Geoff Elder - 0274 365 214

Conditions of Sale Insurance Guarantees

Welcome to our thirteenth on-farm deer auction.
It’s been a challenging spring, with a big flood on farm
right at button drop for these sale stags. We lost grazing
for half the farm for quite some time due to silt and
water. The grass was slow to come away and we really
lacked warmth in the early spring period. The stags took a
bit of a check at this time and we believe this is reflected
in the velvet weights this year. For that reason, we do
expect these stags could make another weight jump in
their 4 year velvet weights.
Here at Altrive Red Deer we are striving to produce sires
that perform well in a commercial setting and that grow
velvet that is desirable to the industry.
We do not preferentially feed sale stags, and no PKE is
used on farm. Small amounts of grain from button drop
is offered. Stags are wintered as a cohort on swedes and
As always, we enjoy hearing feedback on how the
animals are performing on your property!
We wish you all the very best for the year ahead!
Andrew, Samantha and Geoff Elder.
We look forward to hosting you on
the Thursday 11th January 2024.
The stags will be available for
viewing from 4-4.45pm and
velvet out from 4.45-5.15.
There will be STRICTLY no viewing of
sale stags after this time to ensure the
auction runs on time for BIDR.
Photos of velveting stags should
be on our website
by the New Year.
After the sale please join us for a
BBQ dinner and Refreshments.
For updates and the velveting
stag lots, please see our
Facebook page or website in the
new year.

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