Altrive Private Online Hind Sale
188-12 @ 3 years 10+kgs SA
188-12 @ 3 years 10+kgs SA
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Live online sale – Tues 30th July 2019 7.00pm Offering 40 mixed age in-fawn hinds. Click on link below and register using your PGG Wrightson account. If you don’t have an account contact your local PGG Wrightson deer specialists for assistance.

Geoff Elder
Altrive Private Online Hind Sale
Altrive Red Deer
25 Waipounamu Rd
Ph: Ph: 03 202 5809

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Red Deer
English Cross
In Calf Hinds
Mixed Age Hinds

Postal Address Contacts
Altrive Red Deer 25 Waipounamu Rd Gore Southland Geoff Elder - 03 202 5809
or 0274 365 214
Andrew Elder - 021 0272 2573

Conditions of Sale Insurance Guarantees

Welcome to our live online hind sale. At our
January 2019 stag and yearling hind sale the
only animal that a reserve price on it was lot
one. We decided all the rest were for sale at
whatever price you the buyers were prepared
to pay. The stags averaged $21,000 and our
60 surplus yearling hinds all sold with a very
good average price and a top price of $7,000.
For this online auction we have decided to
have no reserve prices at all with an
upset or starting price of $900.
Once again we have had a successful ET
program which means that we are able to offer
hinds for sale that would otherwise be retained.
Most of the 40 hinds on offer in this catalogue
are too young to have had a son velveted at
2 years of age to really show their potential
but the fact that they didn’t get sold as yearling
hinds in conjunction with our January stag
sales show that we really rated them. We are
offering this selection now but we are finding
it really hard to make decisions on what to sell
and what to retain. Any of these hinds could
produce a really top stag.
The dams of lot 1 and lot 3 in our 2019 stag sale
we had sold in previous mated hind sales.
All the dams in the pedigrees of these hinds are
by really top sires of their era. With over 40 years
of stud breeding I know that just because an
animal in a catalogue is by a top sire doesn’t
guarantee it will breed it on, but I am confident
these hinds will. When you read the comments
under the pedigrees of the individual animals
in each pedigree I think you will agree. Virtually
every dam in the pedigrees has produced sons
cutting 4kg or better at 2 years of age.
All the hinds have been scanned in fawn
to our top sires.
Check out our sire pages in front of catalogue
and for older sires check out our website.
We wish you well with your purchases.
Geoff and Andy Elder
Altrive, 25 Waipounamu Road, RD6,
Gore, Southland
Phone 03 202 5809
Geoff: 0274 365 214 Andy: 0210 272 2573

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