Hind Sale - 36th Foveran Elite Hind & Weaner Sale
Munro 515 IOA @ 5
Munro 515 IOA @ 5
Gregor 684 IOA @6 Orlando 668 @4 son of Nixon McCaw 692 @ 7 Cane 751 IOA @ 4
Gregor 684 IOA @6 Orlando 668 @4 son of Nixon McCaw 692 @ 7 Cane 751 IOA @ 4
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36th Annual Elite Hind and Weaner Sale Monday 19th August 2019 at 1pm Sired by or VIF to; Cane, Fitzroy, Orlando, Munro, Brusnis, Cognac, Hudrock, Ardleigh McCaw, Malson, Apex, Hunter, Rigby and Absaloot. Catalogue NOW ONLINE

Barry Gard
Hind Sale - 36th Foveran Elite Hind & Weaner Sale
Foveran Deer Park
Hakataramea Valley
North Otago
Ph: 03 436 0680
03 436 0681


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Dear Clients and Friends,
Welcome to our 36th Annual Elite Hind and Weaner sale.
Queens Birthday marked my 30th year at the stud this
year and over that time it still amazes me to see the
genetic gains made here at the stud and throughout the
industry. I have been lucky enough to be away in Europe
for May & June and took the opportunity to visit both
Warnham Park and Woburn Abbey, hence why our sale is
a little later this year.
Our breeding program this year again features high
scoring stags for trophy production as that is what
our core business has always been. We try and target
combinations we feel have the potential to produce
future World Record trophy stags.
However this year we have also included a number
of sires which have well placed lower tynes as we do
harvest velvet from the stags we produce. There are
also some combinations that favour velvet genetics
specifically as we recognise the value in the velvet
production currently.
A highlight for the stud this year has been Cane’s
performance. He was placed 2nd in the National 4 year
Rising Stars Competition. His antler scores a massive 751
IOA with burrs and spread added. We collected semen
from him this year and used a batch fresh for AI which
achieved over 80% pregnancy and so we are able to
offer a number of matings in this sale.
Also don’t miss the couple of hinds mated to Agnew, a
full brother to Nixon who scores 592 IOA at just 3 yrs –
77 inches more at the same age!
All hinds have been scanned by Dr Noel Beatson. There
are no back up matings in the sale and we have noted on
each how they were mated and given the approximate
birth dates where we can. From what we know, you can
expect a reasonably early fawning which should ensure a
good weaning weight for the progeny from these hinds.
As always, we welcome any feedback and look forward
to hearing from you in this regard. We look forward to
catching up with you at the sale and wish you well with
your purchases.
Kind regards,
Barry Gard, Deer Stud Manager, Foveran Deer Park

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