Hind Sale - 37th Foveran Elite Hind & Weaner Sale
Cane 841 IOA @ 5
Cane 841 IOA @ 5
Munro 705 IOA @6 Mordecai 516 @ 2 Hennessy Lot 2 CRWs20 Cane 751 IOA @ 4
Munro 705 IOA @6 Mordecai 516 @ 2 Hennessy Lot 2 CRWs20 Cane 751 IOA @ 4
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37th Annual ONLINE Elite Hind and Weaner Sale Monday 10th August 2020 at 7pm Our sale is going to be ONLINE ONLY using the BIDR platform. It will be in the format of a live auction and will be conducted by Rural Livestock.

Barry Gard
Hind Sale - 37th Foveran Elite Hind & Weaner Sale
Foveran Deer Park
Hakataramea Valley
North Otago
Ph: 03 436 0680
03 436 0681


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P O Box 119 Kurow Barry Gard - 021 222 8964
Rural Livestock - Adam Whaanga - 0274 183 438
Rural Livestock - Craig North - 0274 473 0864

Conditions of Sale Insurance Guarantees

Dear Clients and Friends,
Welcome to our 37th Annual Elite Hind & Weaner Sale
which we are doing online this year for the first time.
We have been thinking about doing our female sale
this way for a while now and Covid-19 has hurried that
process up for us.
We were lucky enough to complete our ET program prior
to lockdown and so are able to offer some of our latest
crop of embryos which are hot off the press.
We have included a number of new sires in our breeding
program this year in both our ET program and natural
matings. These include 5 new 2 year old sires that have
been bred here at the stud. They have new genetic
combinations to us from a breeding perspective and
are mainly bred by ET. In addition we have included
Hennessy and Cleveland which are two new sires to the
industry this year along with Agnew (a full brother to
Nixon) which we are very excited about.
Our continued focus is heavy beamed trophy genetics
and this year we have concentrated on siresx with well
placed bottom tynes to ensure they will produce good
velvet on the way through. Although trophy hunting has
stopped for the moment, we know it will return with
enthusiasm once this Covid-19 is behind us. We also
know that it takes time to produce a good trophy stag
and so purchasing these genetics will ensure that we are
ready with trophies when hunting resumes again.
As always the progeny is guaranteed. If you are not
completely satisfied, we offer a replacement or a credit
at a future sale whichever you prefer. So you can buy
with confidence. All embryos are guaranteed live fawn on
the ground.
We wish you all the best with your purchases and look
forward to any feedback that you may have.
Kind regards,
Barry Gard,
Deer Stud Manager, Foveran Deer Park

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