Hind Sale - Tower Farms 30th Annual Hind Sale
Ben Hurr @ 5
Ben Hurr @ 5
Discombe Fig Jam 800+ IOA @ 8 The Pentagon 7-21kgs SAP @3 Trump
Discombe Fig Jam 800+ IOA @ 8 The Pentagon 7-21kgs SAP @3 Trump
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30th Annual Hind Sale. Thursday 13th August 2020 at 7pm ONLINE BIDR Sale Catalogue ONLINE NOW

Joe Crowley
Hind Sale - Tower Farms 30th Annual Hind Sale
188 A Discombe Road
Hautapu, Cambridge
Ph: 07 823 3309 or 0274 727 436


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188 A Discombe Road R D 3 Hamilton Joe Crowley - 07 823 3309
Joe Crowley - 027 472 7436

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Welcome to everyone from the North and South
Writing a forward is something we do not normally do, however there are a few points
that I believe warrant sharing:
1. Historically at this time of the year, the doom merchants, various agents, velvet buyers
and DINZ regularly put forward reasons why last year’s velvet price or a higher one, look
unlikely to be achieved this forthcoming year.
I personally, and I assume others did as well, was approached during Covid lockdown
time (May-June) if I had any velvet to sell at last years prices, also an offer to buy hard
antler at a small increase of $2.50 per kg to $37.50. You do not need to be a rocket
scientist to work out why was velvet in demand in the midst of a global health pandemic,
in the off season. Could it be that the Asian population in the midst of a health crisis went
back to basics, consuming velvet as a health tonic and immune defence.
Crystal ball gazing, and that is all it is, especially if inventories are low and demand is
2. It has been a big year for progeny from Tower Farms Sires sold, and mated to
the various buyers and semen users hinds. Firstly Joseph (Oliver-Brock) sons (many of
them) were in high demand at Brock Deer stag sale, the epitome reaching just over the
$100,000 mark. Secondly Rigby (Fraser-Bich) semen used by Peel Forest producing
“Olympus” a stunning two year trophy stag scoring 623 IOA, out of a Crowley Deer hind.
Congratulations to all of the above and anybody else enjoying Tower Farms and Crowley
Deer genetics.
Joe Crowley

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