Netherdale 33rd Annual Elite Red Deer Sale
Lot 1 10,12kg SA2
Lot 1 10,12kg SA2
Lot 2 8,96kg SA2 Lot 3 8,54kg SA2 Lot 4 9,12 kg SA2 Lot 5 8,06 kg SA2
Lot 2 8,96kg SA2 Lot 3 8,54kg SA2 Lot 4 9,12 kg SA2 Lot 5 8,06 kg SA2
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2020 Netherdale Elite Red Deer Sale Wednesday 15th January 2020 1.30pm on the property 461 Glenure Rd, Balfour, Southland 30 - 3 y sires Approx. 70 - 2 y velvet stags Approx. 40 - R2 y recorded hinds Catalogue NOW online

David Stevens
Netherdale 33rd Annual Elite Red Deer Sale
461 Glenure Road
Ph: 03 201 6330
03 201 6330

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461 Glenure Rd R D 6 Gore Southland 9776 David Stevens - 0274 331 383

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A warm welcome to our 33th Netherdale Elite Red Deer Sale.
The velvetting once again has been a challenge this season with very cold and wet conditions throughout
September, October and November in Southland. This has led to a number of Sale Stags with heads still on
at the time of cataloguing. Because of the lateness of the season the Breeding values in the catalogue are the
sire’s 2 year old values. An update of the 3 year old EBV information along with photos of the uncut sire’s will be
made available on our website as soon as possible.
It is very pleasing to see this year’s line up of 3 year old sire’s on offer ( those cut at the time of cataloguing) have
an average velvet weight of 8 kg which is up on last year’s average of 7.78 kg.
This year is an exceptional line up, a representation of our top producing sire’s, Harlem, Capone, Henshaw,
Feetwood, Bronx and 13194 progeny on offer.
Again, every effort has been made to cut heads correctly, giving you the ability to assess an honest weight and
grade, eliminating any guess work. All 3 year old stag’s heads will be displayed on sale day along with photos
with heads on.
Approximately 70 two year old velvet stag’s will be on offer. As in the past, the two year old stag’s are progeny
from our stud hinds and do shift particularly well.
We do feed crushed grain to our stag’s from button drop but we DO NOT FEED PKE.
We will once again be offering a good selection of young hinds from our top sire’s, Bronx who cut 22 kg of velvet
this season, the last of Harlem’s maiden hinds available on offer, Capone, Henshaw, Fleetwood and 12207.
Thank you for your support in the past, we are very appreciative of that support and the friendships we have
made over the 34 years we have held sale’s and would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy
New Year. We look forward to catching up with you on the 15th January 2020 at 1.30pm.
Kind Regards
David and Lynley

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