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Lot 101
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Lot 1 Lot 108 Lot 104 Semen from Cleomenes
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13th Annual South Island Red Stag Sale. 14 JANUARY 2022 - 2PM 65 HARVEY RD, OFF SH 6 BETWEEN FIVE RIVERS AND ATHOL SALE On farm and ONLINE with BIDR Catalogue NOW online -

Michael Wilkins
Wilkin Farming Co - South Island Sale
1018 Waipounamu Road
Ph: 64 3 201 6246


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Red Deer
English Cross
European / English
2 Yr Stags

Postal Address Contacts
1018 Waipounamu Road RD6 Gore 9776 Michael Wilkins - 027 2499 317
Pauline Pattullo - Genetics Manager - 027 249 9309
Stock Manager - Lockie Lott - 027 372 3675

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Welcome to our 13th annual South Island 2-year-old stag sale.
On the back of over 25 years of recorded Red Deer breeding at Wilkins Farming Co, we welcome your inspection of our 2019
born sale stags.
As an industry we continue to travel these uncharted times but we know like any challenge this time will ultimately help build
resiliance and diversity for future strength.
The performance of our breeding programme is quite staggering with 15 month European weight’s up to 219 kg, EMA trace
areas up to 48 cm which is the largest recorded in European red deer to the best of our knowledge, and loin weights of
8 kgs (7.87). The Maternals see combinations of 12 month EBV’s up to +24, CDeBV -8.62, and EMA areas up to 44 cm. We
have also been using new sires from velvet studs with impressive growth rates and velvet. These velvet traits are slowly
coming through and delivering between 4 – 5.6 kg of velvet at 2 years for the top end animals.
This year’s line-up of stags contains excellent animals and semen that present a good mix of our best Maternal and European
Red Deer for breeding replacement hinds or advancing growth rate.
• BIG DON (European) - FIRST SEASON SIRE – A young European sire coming through with outstanding growth rate,
meat yield potential and a great temperament. These genetics are a formidable way to improve venison weights. This
is the first offering of Big Don progeny and sons up to 201 kg at 15 months we are sure they will not disappoint.
• MORTLACH (European) - FIRST SEASON SIRE – Another young European sire coming through with growth rate
and meat yield potential. We have sons up to 219 kg at 15 months, and W12eBV’s up to 28.92 in this offering. These
genetics will most certainly improve venison weights. Like Big Don, this is the first year his progeny is offered for sale.
• BIG GEOFF (Maternal – English Cross) – This sire has certainly made his mark! After being used extensively upon his
arrival, his sons have come through strongly after strategic mating with the exceptional WFC hinds. These animals are
great for breeding your replacement hinds. Good growth and loin weights will see your venison production increase
thanks to this exceptional progeny. Big Geoff also boasts an impressive CDeBV of -8.7 days.
• MAPLE (Maternal-English) – FIRST SEASON SIRE - A beautifully bred young sire that has been used within our herd.
An impressive line-up in this catalogue out of Rock Me hinds combining growth and velvet. A very nice combination
for breeding replacement hinds and all-round animals.
• CHURCHILL (Maternal – English) – This stalwart sire’s dominance within our stud will be scaled back from the
2021/2022 sale season. This year will therefore be one of your last chances to buy numbers of sons from this
proven Maternal sire. In addition, we have a couple of exciting combinations of Churchill and Tui crosses, which have
+20 W12eBV’s and -7.22 on CDeBV - an exceptional combination for improving performance within your breeding of
replacement hinds.
• SEMEN – We will be offering a limited quantity of semen by some of our now deceased but industry greats, Maximilian,
Rock Me and Infinity. There will also be semen on offer from current sires Cleomenes, an outstanding clean beamed
high scoring trophy and Maple, an impressive English with excellent growth and velvet traits.
This year you will have the opportunity to participate remotely through BIDR in conjunction with PGGW so you will have
the option to bid in real time remotely via this online auction platform. More info in the catalogue. (Page 6 & 7) Our on
farm auction will be conducted as per the covid restrictions at the time of sale – please keep an eye on our website for any
updates regarding this.
Please note once again we have made the decision to organise the freight on account of the purchaser, unless specifically
requested otherwise. This is to minimise the risk of injury to your purchase/s by reducing the number of yarding’s.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of us.
Yours in farming,
Michael Wilkins
Wilkins Farming Co

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