Wilkins Farming Co - North Island 2Y Red Stag Sale
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Lot 3 2 Year Stag Lot 4 2 year Stag Lot 12 2 year Stag Lot 16 2 year Stag
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North Island Red Stag 2019 - Venison & Antlers WAS 13th December 2019 @ 3.00pm Catalogue ONLINE NOW with photos and profiled lots

Michael Wilkins
Wilkins Farming Co - North Island 2Y Red Stag Sale
George & Laura Williams
678 Matherson Road
Hawkes bay
Ph: 027 249 9317
or George 027 447 6880


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Postal Address Contacts
Michael Wilkins - 027 2499 317
George Williams - 027 447 6880
Pauline Pattullo - Genetics Manager - 027 249 9309

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Welcome to our 8th annual North Island 2-year-old red stag sale at Te Maire.
Within our herd we continue to realise great results against our stud’s key measures and stated vision of
producing high value animals, that have a strong venison focus. For example, over the last few years, we
have achieved a loin weight gain of 0.9kgs. Achieving in real terms an average weight of 3.7kgs to 4.6kgs, for
animals of the same liveweight – an outstanding achievement for this important high value, export market
This year’s sale includes stags sired by:
• Cardrona - progeny is available in the North Island for the first time. This exceptional stag possesses
a superb combination of velvet and body weights.
• Churchill - continues to be ranked NO. 1 English stag for W12eBV for 7 years running. This year we
have several of his quality sons on offer.
• Tui - ranked NO. 1 for conception date EBV (CDeBV) at -11.2 days, meaning early fawns on the ground
giving you a great start for heavier weaning weights.
• Rock Me - once again we have progeny on offer from this key stud sire. He brings an outstanding
bloodline with top performance that delivers on all key maternal traits, as well as exceptional velvet.
• WF 144/05 - is one of our stalwart stags. I can strongly recommend the progeny on offer by this well
proven sire for both maternal and terminal breeding.
• WF 334/11 - has several outstanding sons on offer within the catalogues. These possess solid eBV’s,
growth rates and eye muscle areas to enhance your venison production.
• Vova - is a pure Eastern with solid growth rates and velvet performance. His pedigree contains
industry heavyweights Vladimir and Heinrich.
Please note this year we have made the decision to organise the freight on account of the purchaser, unless
specifically requested otherwise. This is to minimise the risk of injury to your purchase/s by reducing the
number of yarding’s.
We look forward to hosting you at Te Maire in conjunction with George and Laura.
Should you have any questions prior to the sale, please do not hesitate to contact one of us.
Yours in farming,
Michael Wilkins
Wilkins Farming Co

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