Rupert Red Deer 3rd Annual Stag Sale
Lot 1 ZinZan Brook 9+kgs@3
Lot 1 ZinZan Brook 9+kgs@3
Lot 2 8 kg @ 3 Lot 3 10 kg @3 Lot 4 7,8kg @ 3 Lot 5 8,3kg @ 3
Lot 2 8 kg @ 3 Lot 3 10 kg @3 Lot 4 7,8kg @ 3 Lot 5 8,3kg @ 3
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3rd Annual STAG SALE 11am 13TH January 2020 147 North Boundary Rd Geraldine Catalogue and profiled lots NOW online

Martin Rupert
Rupert Red Deer 3rd Annual Stag Sale
South Canterbury

Ph: 03-696 3903

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Red Deer
English Cross
3 Yr Stags

Postal Address Contacts
42 Thew Rd Geraldine New Zealand Martin Rupert - 03 696 3563
Josh Brook - 03 696 3903

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The 2019/2020 season has been filled with highlights. On 1 June 2019 we purchased Woodbury Downs, 213ha of rolling clay hills just 10km from the home farms in the high rainfall belt of Woodbury. This was followed by a major redevelopment of the property into a hind block, which included virtually refencing the entire farm plus a new laneway system and deer shed. With increased scale, we will be able to lift our hind numbers enabling greater diversity and genetic potential. The first 470 MA hinds are fawning there now and we plan to increase this number to about 800.
Another highlight has been observing the progression of Zinzan Brook, an exciting young Zeus son. This stag first caught our attention as a two year old with an excellent 5.9kg SA2 head, and we used him for breeding that season. It was a difficult decision to put him up for sale, but we strongly feel that to continue breeding the best deer possible, we need to look to the future and not get stuck with what worked in the past.
We are proud of the line-up of three year old sires on offer at this years sale, most of which were out of young hinds (first and second fawners) at the time of birth. All the deer in this sale are 100% pure English Red, and while they are chiefly selected for velvet traits, they are inherently tough, hardy animals that thrive in a wide range of environments. We have been pleased to hear that our stags from previous sales have continued to perform in their new environments throughout the country, including hard North Island hill country with no supplementation. We see this as a huge benefit of the English breed and something worth preserving in future.
We stand behind the stags we sell and are always keen for feedback.
On behalf of the Rupert Red Deer team,
Best regards,
Kiri Rupert

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