Forest Road Farm Stag Sale
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THREE YEAR OLD STAG & YEARLING HIND SALE 2023 - Seventh on farm auction - Friday 15th December | Viewing from 12.30pm | Sale starts at 1.30pm

Grant Charteris
Forest Road Farm Stag Sale
902 Gwavas Road
Central Hawkes Bay
Ph: 06 8565747

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Red Deer
English Cross
3 Yr Stags
R1 and 1 Year Hind
Velvet Stags
Yearling Hinds
PGG Wrightson

Postal Address Contacts
902 Gwavas Road Tikokino Central Hawkes Bay 4274 Grant Charteris - 027 230 8531

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Well, what a year it has been in the Bay! 18 months of relentless rain caused
country to slip that has never moved before with the onslaught of Cyclone
Gabrielle. Apart from a massive gap where our road used to be and some
scarring that will last years… I think its fair to say that we got off reasonably
lightly compared to some of our Deer Farming peers in the region.
Cyclones aside, a lack of feed hasn’t been an issue and the stock have
wintered well and are in great condition. Velvet has harvested well, with
weights up on last season and more importantly the sale animals are looking
Its always a battle to get the catalogue out with enough time for clients to
digest it before sale day on Friday 15th December. As I write this, we still have
25 out of 89 3-year stags to velvet! The 64 3yr stags we have cut to date
average 6.4kg and it’s been a tough job getting it down to 23. When we select
our Sale Sires, we don’t just select on velvet weight. These stags all have
great temperament and good body size (some are huge). We are extremely
proud of the style of velvet that we are producing here at Forest Road Farm,
and feel it is the type and style that the market desires and we feel that the 3-
year Sires and Yearling hinds are a great representation of this.
We are very excited to deliver the first 3-year Lazarus sons to market. Every
Lazarus son we have cut has been very tidy (most SAP). The 5 Lazarus sons
catalogued are a true representation of the style he is producing.
Even Stevens our Harlem son from Netherdale has been such a prolific
breeder of tidy Sale stags, we decided a few years back to mate him over the
line of Hinds we purchased from Cruse Deer, to produce a different outcross
for breeders…. This has had a tremendous result as you can see from the style
and weight of this cross in this year’s offering.
Our new Sires are going ahead in leaps and bounds and we can’t wait to see
how they cross with our proven bloodlines.
Kryptonite has cut a massive 12.10kg @ 5yr and his beam is round and huge
Irwin has produced a gorgeous, eye catching 9.10kg SAP @ 4yr that has just
taken out the HB 4yr Red section plus Champion of Champions!
McLeod (Lot 1 Arawata) has cut a huge 9.00kg @ 3yr after a shift from deep
south, Semen collection and mating duties.
This year we have decided to only sell a handful of Elite yearling Hinds, that
have been selected out of our keeper hinds. These Hinds are out of proven
Dam lines and we see this as a great opportunity to focus in on some different
Bloodlines that are highly regarded here.
We are so passionate about the Deer we are producing and love what we do.
We really look forward to sharing that with you along with some hospitality
on sale day.
Grant and Sally Charteris

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