Hind Sale - Pampas Heights Warnham Deer
Junior 688 IOA @ 5Y 57 Points
Junior 688 IOA @ 5Y 57 Points
Zeus Current NZ 3Y Velvet champion sold Lot 3 2014 sale Daniel 2Y Warnham Sire by Norton II Sir Lamorek 532 IOA Baldy Mac  Current 3Y champion NIVC
Zeus Current NZ 3Y Velvet champion sold Lot 3 2014 sale Daniel 2Y Warnham Sire by Norton II Sir Lamorek 532 IOA Baldy Mac Current 3Y champion NIVC
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Elite Weaner Hinds and In Calf MA Hinds. We are delighted to be in a position to offer the best line-up of hinds we have sold to date on 7 July 2015 at 10.30am.

Bryce Heard
Hind Sale - Pampas Heights Warnham Deer
240 Te Waerenga Rd
New Zealand
Ph: 07 33 2271
07 332 2274


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There have been a lot of exciting things happening
at Pampas Heights over the past few months. The dissolution of the Stanfield Warnham herd offered us the opportunity to fast track our move into breeding more pure lines of Warnham deer.
We acquired our fair share of the world class Stanfield Warnham breeding herd in August 2014.
The balance went to a trophy breeding farm where access to these bloodlines will be limited in future.
The new hinds, including their recently weaned progeny, arrived at our place in March and they have spent the autumn meeting our Warnham stags and settling into their new home. This has proceeded very smoothly and they are now settled, healthy and very pregnant as well! Rather surprisingly the weaners seemed to make the shift more easily than their mothers and have barely missed a beat throughout the process. A select few of the ex-Stanfield weaner hinds will feature in this sale.
In January 2015 we bought a very classy 2 year old Warnham stag at the Stanfield sale who is a son of Norton II. In our view he carried the heaviest antler at the sale. We have named him Daniel and he has been gainfully employed over the autumn looking after 30 Warnham ladies.
In December, Baldy Mac - our new 3 year old
Warnham sire, who was bred here at the tud, won the North Island 3 year old Velvet Championship with a perfectly formed 6.65kg head. By February he was weighing in at a massive 272kg at just 3 years of age. By May he was undisputed King of the Master sire paddock and has a beautiful gentle
nature in both the shed and the paddock. The first selection of Baldy Mac’s progeny are included in this sale.
Also in December, Zeus (who was sold to Martin Rupert at the January 2014 sale), won the National 3 year old Velvet championship with a huge 8.6kg head of velvet.
In February, Junior cut a massive 20.2kg head of stripped hard antler, with 57 points and independently scored at 688.1 IOA at 5 years of age. This is a big step up and we are delighted with his progress. Watch this space next summer.
By late May our larger weaner stags were hitting over 90kg bodyweight, led by Baldy Mac’s sons but including Sir Tristram’s boys as well. Many, including Junior’s sons, are also showing velvet growth earlier than we have ever had at the stud.
With the arrival of the new Stanfield weaners, plus the home grown weaners, we have an opportunity to offer a beautiful selection of weaner hinds this year. The fact that Junior was previously used as a
trophy sire over our more mixed bloodline trophy type hinds means that his daughters are well represented in this sale, as we are retaining the more pure Warnham strains moving forward.
This is a weaner hind sale that we are unlikely to be able to repeat because future weaner numbers will be less than this year, so do not miss this opportunity to buy top shelf animals. They are easily the best we have ever offered and we are delighted to be able to offer animals of this calibre.
We look forward to seeing you at Pampas Heights on Tuesday, 7 July at 10.30am.
Bryce and Karen Heard Pampas Heights Warnham Deer

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