Pampas Heights Stag Sale
Zeus - Lot 3 Jan 2014 Sale 8-6kgs SA2
Zeus - Lot 3 Jan 2014 Sale 8-6kgs SA2
Baldy Mac - Warnham Baldy Mac 1st NIVC 3Y 6-6kgs SA@ Junior 536 IOA @ 4 Sir Tristram - Warnham
Baldy Mac - Warnham Baldy Mac 1st NIVC 3Y 6-6kgs SA@ Junior 536 IOA @ 4 Sir Tristram - Warnham
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Pampas Heights Deer. 17/12/2014 Velvet--Trophy Stags 22-29 sold average $3,350.00 top price $6,000.00 Hinds 53-71 average $972.58 Top price $1,550.00 Wednesday 17th December 2014 @ 12.30 pm 17th Annual Two Year Old Stag and Hind Auction.

Bryce & Karen Heard
Pampas Heights Stag Sale
240 Te Waerenga Rd
Ph: 07 332 2271
07 332 2274

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English Cross
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Postal Address Contacts
41 Hoko Rd R D 6 Rotorua 3096 Bryce & Karen Heard - 332 2271
Bryce Mobile 021 926 812

Conditions of Sale Insurance Guarantees

This year we are holding our annual two
year old stag auction three weeks earlier
than our usual January sale time. This is not
our preference but after much deliberation
we are doing it because of last minute
changes in the South Island sale dates. The
Buy North group work together to ensure
that buyers can attend all sales.
Pampas Heights sells mostly two year old
sire stags and therefore we are concerned
that some of our two year old stags may not
be in full antler by the sale date. However,
those loyal buyers who have attended our
stag walks in December and our sales in
January will be familiar with how much our
stags traditionally “come on” in that three
week period and we are confident in your
ability to see through the more immature
antler to their true potential.
We are moving to Warnham bloodlines
at the stud and this process has been fast
tracked with the acquisition of a good
number of Warnham hinds from the
Stanfield dissolution sale during the winter.
However, this year and next, we will still
be selling the residual composite stag
bloodlines as well as a number of mixed
English bloodlines.
The top priced two year old stag from our
sale in January this year was Lot 3, sold
at auction to Martin Rupert at Geraldine.
Martin called him Zeus. In mid-November
Martin cut 8.6kg of SA2 velvet off Zeus at
age three (see inside front cover). Zeus is
not only a massive velveter but at two years
he had 34 points weighing 12.5kg and long
main beam with a 192kg sale weight, so he
is a true champion all-rounder.
Another huge Warnham two year old was
put to stud duties at Pampas Heights this
year. We call him Baldy Mac and he weighed
220kg at two years of age. He has just cut
6.6kg of SA2 velvet at age three which won
first prize in the North Island 3 year old
velvet class.
We expect more of these quality stags from
our breeding program, so look carefully at
what is on offer – especially as they may
be immature at sale time. Some of our best
stags did not sell at auction because of
immaturity and then went on to become
Master Sires at the stud. These include
Commander, Junior, ATM and Admiral to
name a few. So this sale could be seen as a
one off opportunity to buy the best stags
before others recognise their true value!
Last January we sold all of our composite
bloodline hinds – who were busy rearing
calves in the paddock at the time. This year
we are selling those composite female
calves as yearling hinds and they will be on
show in the ring on sale day. Most of them
are sired by the massively heavy antlered
Junior, scoring 536.7 IOA at four years. They
come from dam lines including Motdonis,
Hannibal, Morpheus, Balunky and Sarnia
Sam. The pedigrees are undoubtedly the
best composite females we have produced.
We also have to reduce our numbers of
Mixed Age hinds to make way for the new
Warnham herd on our smallish property. We
are therefore selling a selection of mixed
age (R5 to R9) proven hinds for the simple
reason that they have mixed English Park
parentage. All are proven performers and
most have produced multiple sale sons.
These hinds are another rare opportunity
arising from our move to more pure
bloodlines at the stud.
The Mixed Age hinds will be sold unseen as
they will be rearing calves at sale time. These
calves will be retained by Pampas Heights.
The May weights will be provided and the
hinds will be ready for uplift at 1 March 2015
after weaning. Mating may be available by
negotiation for a later uplift in May 2015.
In order to tie in with flight times from
Christchurch viewing will be available from
11.00am on Wednesday, 17 December 2014.
Refreshments will be available upon arrival.
Our sale will start at 12.30pm and lunch will
be provided on tables in the big marquee
during the sale.
We look forward to hosting you at
Pampas Heights on Wednesday,
17 December 2014.
Bryce and Karen

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